Hey, thanks for stopping by and feel warmly welcome! At this moment I’m building this website step by step and on the fly, next to my busy life as a music producer, mentor and training coach. So please be patient and stop by regularly for checking the status and updates.

But in short for now. I am a professional artist, songwriter, mentor and music producer. I’ve been training and coaching musicians for over 20 years at my business Guitar Studio in Belgium www.guitarstudio.be. I developed my own successful training method over the years, and my main motto’s are :

1. learn music by playing, don’t play music by learning
2. You name it, YOU play it
3. Listen with your eyes, look with your ears
4. Develop and motivate yourself, design your own future

With this new website HYBR!D PARK, my goal is sharing my personal experience with you making you a better artist designing your own future, not just making you a better musician. There are plenty of great instructional websites and YouTube videos out there, teaching you how to play the guitar, bass guitar, drums, etc. I really don’t feel the urge or necessity showing you how to play the latest Top40 songs or classic rock tracks.

But I do feel like creating a hybrid community for you and me, sharing my personal experience and tips but also yours. I’ll be making short blog articles, 1-minute quick tips, and I’ll listen to you and try answering your questions and give you personal tips. Important to me is that HYBR!D PARK shall not be just my place. It shall become OUR place, our park, our HYBR!D PARK. The place to meet like-minded people. It’s a big but small world after all, so let ’s be there for us all together – “ We come 1” (MJ).

Best regards,
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Hey welcome! Let me introduce myself. I’m Wouter Baustein aka Manic Youth. Born and raised in Germany behind a piano, turntable infected at the age of 12. While classical, jazz and rock educated, my relentless passion for contemporary music persisted in various styles from EDM, electro house, progressive house up to trap, with an infusion of rock, metal, reggaeton and hip hop. My first and biggest inspiration for playing music, were my sisters playing the piano. My second kick in the butt was Musicians Institute in Hollywood Los Angeles. Having the reputation of a producer, DJ and multi instrumentalist addicted to perfection, I’m always striving for pure energy and chemistry. Beside my own music aka Manic Youth, the past years I worked with ex-The Neon Judgement, Dutch dance/hiphop formation Vandaal, and can be heard in my hard-style steroid project KONKR33T. Feel free checking my music and joining my family on Spotify. Cheers!